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Rereading The War in the Air (1908)

One summer morning, sometime in the 1910s, the good men and women of New York City awaken to the sound of engines thrumming in the morning air. Craning their heads, they peek out of their windows to see the sky … Continue reading

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Mud, Blood, and Shovel Bludgeonings – Thoughts on Battlefield 1

A few weeks ago, I dropped a bushel of money on a brand spanking new computer to replace my old machine, a loyal beast who had sadly been outpaced by the demands of modern video games and was starting to … Continue reading

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Spooktober/Warvember Reading: Baltimore

I’ve cooled on SF critic John Clute over the years, but there are a few elements of his thought with which I am still in concordance. Chief among these is his discussion of the First World War’s impact on fantastic … Continue reading

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