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Rozalia Zemlyachka: An Incomplete Biography

So earlier in the month I was working my way through Barbara Evans Clements’ Bolshevik Women, a study of the bolsheviki, women who had joined the Bolshevik wing of the Social Democratic Labor Party before the Russian Revolution. As a … Continue reading

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RCW Gaming: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia

When I started refreshing my knowledge of the Russian Civil War back in June, one of my first thoughts was “aaay, I wonder if there are any video games about the war floating around out there.” (What can I say; … Continue reading

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The Russian Civil War: An Inadequate Introduction

In preparation for My Secret Project, I’ve been rereading the small collection of books I have on the Russian Civil War. June was spent working through the two general histories I own: Evan Mawdsley’s The Russian Civil War, and W. … Continue reading

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