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(Repost) All that’s Left is Truth and Fear, Part I

Originally posted on One Last Sketch:
Amidst the Ruins As promised, I’m bringing back Alasdair Czyrnyj to continue our discussion of Peter Higgins’ Wolfhound Empire trilogy. This time, we’re taking on the middle volume, Truth and Fear. Truth and Fear…

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Secondhand Manifestos: Quick Thoughts on Bruce Sterling’s Pirate Utopia

It appears to have accidentally turned into Jackboot Month here in the Dolmen. Today’s subject, Bruce Sterling’s 2016 novella Pirate Utopia, is something I literally found out about yesterday and spent a few hours reading cover to cover. I’ve never … Continue reading

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The Bard in Jackboots: Richard III (1995)

Like everyone in the English-speaking world, I had to read my share of Shakespeare during my formative years. I spent three years in high school with the Bard, making my way through Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth. I … Continue reading

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Mud, Blood, and Shovel Bludgeonings – Thoughts on Battlefield 1

A few weeks ago, I dropped a bushel of money on a brand spanking new computer to replace my old machine, a loyal beast who had sadly been outpaced by the demands of modern video games and was starting to … Continue reading

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The Last Ruritanian Picture Show

I’ve not been doing much blogging over the past two months. Truth be told, I haven’t been doing much in the way of writing period for the last little while. It’s been a combination of the usual things: brain-scorching heat, … Continue reading

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Thinkin’ ‘Bout Nazzies

I’ve got a new review out on Strange Horizons today, this time for the TV adaptation of The Man in the High Castle that Amazon put out last year. Suffice to say, the show has a lot of problems, both … Continue reading

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Notes on the Struggle for Europe

I don’t really read that much history anymore. It’s odd, really: I spent four years getting an undergraduate degree in history, and I’ve got bookcases packed with monographs, journalistic accounts, and the like, but I don’t read that much of … Continue reading

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