I’ve never been very comfortable with talking about myself, either online or in the real world. But still we must say something, mustn’t we?

My name is Alasdair Mark Czyrnyj. I currently live in Ottawa, in a small apartment filled with books, DVDs, and minor emotional troubles. I have a BA with Honours in History from Carleton University, and like most people my age I’m in a career that has nothing to do with my degree. I spent the past few years casually reviewing things on the Internet, but now I’ve reached the point in my life when I want to compose the Great Unread Novel everyone has in them. In terms of interests, I am at heart a creature of the fantastic genres, though I have my favorites in the literary realm, and I am particularly partial to the occasional morsel of film or art criticism. Well, provided it is written in English, of course.

Should you so desire, my voice can be found on the Internet if you know where to look. My face, however, is a secret for me alone.

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