Welcome to Spooktober II: The Rebloodening

Well, October has come around once again, which means Spooktober is back at The Futurist Dolmen. For those of you new to the blog, Spooktober is the time of the year when I dig through my collection of horror-themed movies, books, and whatnot, find something I like, and write a post about it. Simple, right?

This year going to be a bit of a changeup from last year. As my horror movie collection hasn’t really expanded much in the past year, I will be mostly focusing on what books and video games catch my fancy. Also, since I’ve got another two projects I want to get done by the end of the year, Spooktober may run a little shorter than last year. (Oh yes, you might not be able to write a whole six blog posts in a month, what a strain that is for you, Alasdair.) Still, I’ve got some good stuff stashed away, so keep visiting. In the meantime, please enjoy this spooky illustration inspired by existential horror writer Thomas Ligotti’s short story “Vastarien.”


“Vastarien,” by Sergiy Krykun.

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