“There is no right and wrong; only good and bad.”

Well, it looks like the thing I was planning for December is not going to be happening, because I decided to drop one of the books I was planning on talking about after getting two chapters in. I may have something up later in the week, but we’ll see what we see.

In the meantime, Strange Horizons has my review of K. J. Parker/Tom Holt’s latest novella up for perusal. I really like Holt’s work as Parker, so it’s a shame I wasn’t that hot on The Last Witness. For anyone who’s curious, here’s something I wrote for Ferretbrain years ago about the Fencer trilogy, the first books Holt put out under the Parker name that I enjoyed rather more. I’ve actually been meaning to reread the Scavenger trilogy now that I know the central conceit of the story, but who knows when I’m going to get around to that.

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