Still Not Dead 2: Undying

Hello there, Internet. I apologize for not writing anything here for the past month. Things have been a wee bit of a mess down at the homestead, what with little buggies and holes in my bathroom wall and needless sleep deprivation. Things have finally straightened out, thankfully, so expect to see more convoluted blather in this space over the next few days and weeks.

I’m writing this before bed so I don’t have time for anything substantial, so I’d like to end this by mentioning that the new trailer for the game Tangiers dropped last week. If you’ve never heard of it, Tangiers is a stealth-action game inspired by Thief and Dishonored being made by a little indie company in England. It’s set in and around the city of Tangiers, a great industrial-Brutalist knot of a place that is constantly making and unmaking itself, and you play as a mysterious being alien to the city on a quest to kill several citizens for as-yet-undescribed reasons. It quotes the surrealists, the Beat Poets, and J. G. Ballard, creating the sort of place Alasdair Gray or Iain Banks might have dreamed up after a good hard depression. The game even incorporates word games into the gameplay; your key means of influencing citizens is to literally snatch their words out of the air and refashion them into diversions and snares (“It’s been windy these past few nights” can become “it’s just the wind,” that sort of thing.) Furthermore, since both the game map and soundtrack operate on procedural generation, the city will transform the more you mess with it. There’s more about it on the homepage here, and there’s also an older trailer to whet your appetite.

Tangiers Screenshot

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