“In his house at Los Alamos red Oppenheimer waits dreaming.”

Well, I’ve had a bit of a viewer spike over the past few days. Allow me to offer a belated hello to everyone from Ferretbrain who wandered over here. I’d also like to greet everyone who took a look at my review of the first half of Jonathan Hickman’s science horror-comedy comic The Manhattan Projects over at Strange Horizons. And if you haven’t taken a look at it…go look at it.

I must admit I haven’t been following the Projects lately. Right now the book has been split into separate stories, and right now we’re in an arc depicting Yuri and Laika’s Horrifying Space Adventure (possibly featuring Werner), so it’ll be awhile before my favorite character has his day:

Joseph Oppenheimer and a few of his selves.(Fun fact: Depending on which biographies you choose to trust, J. Robert Oppenheimer tried to kill three people in grad school. It was not a fun time for him [or those three other people, for that matter].)

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