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Some Words about Pictures

I wanted to write one more post before the month ended, and since the book I’m reading right now is taking longer than expected (spoilers: it’s not very good!), I think I will just blither on for a bit about … Continue reading

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A World of Permanent Anxiety: Thoughts on Dishonored

I spent yesterday leafing through my copy of Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives, the sort-of art book for the 2012 stealth-action game created by Arkane Studios. While I’ve instituted a little rule that I wouldn’t talk about video games here in … Continue reading

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Notes on the Struggle for Europe

I don’t really read that much history anymore. It’s odd, really: I spent four years getting an undergraduate degree in history, and I’ve got bookcases packed with monographs, journalistic accounts, and the like, but I don’t read that much of … Continue reading

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