Interval 1 – Inception

Well, hello there. If you’re reading this, you probably fall into one of the four following categories.

1) You’re someone I know that I told about this blog (or “blarg,” as the children call it these days), in which case welcome!

B) You’re someone who’s familiar with me from my work online from FerretBrain over the years, in which case welcome and please enjoy my noxious opinions and poor reasoning skills!

iii) You’re someone who read my rambling review of Prometheus in Speculative Fiction 2013, in which case welcome! I don’t talk about alien sex monsters all that often to be honest, but who knows what the future may hold?

Д) You’re trying to steal my credit card information, in which case how dare you, sir. If you want my money that badly, just pistol whip me for the forty dollars in my wallet and leave me lying in the street. You know, like a gentleman.

Whatever the reason, you’re here and I’m glad. There isn’t much to say about this blarg at this point, especially since I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do with it. For the moment, though, this blarg will be my little sketchpad, a place to ramble about whatever nonsense is in my head that’s suitable for public consumption. If I have any adventures on the wide terrible world of the Internet or one if my personal projects bears fruit, this is where you’ll hear about it.

In the meantime…see you out there.

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